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Welcome to Thackerville Elementary!

    At Thackerville Elementary, we focus on students grades Pre-K through 5th. All of our classroom teachers are trained in the Great Expectations teaching model. Thackerville Elementary will began full implementation of the Great Expectations teaching model in the 2018-19 school year. We are very excited to see the success our students and school have and will continue to gain through the use of this model. We would like to thank the Sarkeys Foundation for allowing our school this wonderful opportunity.

  Thackerville Elementary was the recipient of the Oklahoma Education Technology Trust grant in 2019. This grant is for $40,000 in technology and $25,000 for professional development. This grant allowed Thackerville Elementary to implement every student in Pre-K through 1st grade having access their own iPad for classroom use and students in 2nd through 5th grade to have access to their own chromebook for classroom use. Teachers are working diligently to implement student devices in innovative and authentic ways. We are very excited to become a 1:1 school!

    Our mission at Thackerville Elementary is to enable students to be fluent, effective communicators, and life-long learners who are successful in their lives. Success is defined as doing what you enjoy and doing it well. We have a great team of teachers that are always developing innovative ways to reach the students of today’s world.

Check out our journey with the OETT Grant!


Elementary Students of the Month

Each month Thackerville Elementary teachers nominate one student from each classroom and then faculty and staff vote for the student they feel is most deserving of Student of the Month. One student is chosen from grades Pre-K – 2nd and one student from 3rd – 5th grades.



Hadley VoylesHadley Voyles was selected as the Pre-K – 2nd grade October Student of the Month. Hadley is seven years old and is in Ms. Wolfe’s Second-grade class. She is the daughter of Jeff and Brittany Voyles and the granddaughter of Tommy and Rhonda Fox and Dwayne and Chantel Voyles. Hadley has one sister, Hayden. Hadley’s favorite subject is Math and her favorite part of the day is reading. Hadley would like to be a teacher for younger children when she grows up. Ms. Wolfe says, “Hadley is courteous of her classmates. She is an encourager and is always willing to help.  She excels academically and is always looking for a way to improve her work.”

Jagger ReedJagger Reed was selected as the 3rd - 5th grades October Student of the Month. Jagger is eight years old and is in Mrs. Barnes’s 3rd-grade class. Jagger is the son of Nikki Reed. Jagger’s favorite subject is Reading and his favorite thing about school is learning Math. Jagger would like to be an author when he grows up. Mrs. Barnes says that Jagger completes his assignments and tries very hard to do his best.   He is always happy and wants to be a leader in the class. 





Cashlynn JuddCashlynn Judd was selected as the Pre-K – 2nd grade September Student of the Month. Cashlynn is four years old and is in Mrs. Allen’s Pre-K class. Cashlynn is the daughter of Adam and Staccia Judd. She is the granddaughter of Herschel and Brenda Peery, Steve and Tara Kerr, Sherry Hocking, and David Judd. Cashlynn has two sisters, Kylie and Adalida. Cashlynn’s favorite thing to do at school is play basketball and learn about letters. When Cashlynn grows up, she would like to work on iPads and computers.  Mrs. Allen says that Cashlynn is kind, respectful, curious, and always ready to learn. She is responsible for her things in class and always willing to help other students. She is a joy to have in class.

Shane RadfordShane Radford was selected as the 3rd - 5th grades September Student of the Month. Shane is nine years old and is in Mrs. Tamez’s 4th-grade class. Shane is the son of Cameron and Kalley Radford and the grandson of Craig and Debbie Parrish, Judith Radford, and Blaine Radford. Shane has a younger sister and brother, Kennedy and Hank. Shane’s favorite subject is math and his favorite thing about school is seeing friends. Shane would like to be a baseball player when he grows up. Mrs. Tamez says that Shane is an excellent student who is self-motivated and conscientious about his work.  He is respectful, kind, dependable, and sets a good example for his peers by modeling the 8 Expectations.





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